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The American Institute of International Studies (AIIS) is committed to advance and Disseminate information and knowledge about the religion, art, culture, history, philosophy, and heritage of culturally diverse Americans and of diverse peoples throughout the world who share in important ways the traditionalist values of American people. This is accomplished through radio, television, films, newspapers, magazines, journals, conferences, seminars, lectures and internet.

The Institute organizes meetings and workshops to brief educators, journalists, legislators, government officials, religious leaders, and business executives on the cultural and historical background of important issues.

The Institute organizes and sponsors tours of foreign countries to study and conduct research in different fields of the humanities.

In order to promote peace and harmony, the institute encourages and helps American educational institutions and universities establish international studies departments.

The International Economics and Business Development

The mission of the American Institute of International Studies (AIIS) is to help public and private business sectors in countries where development has been stagnant due to centralized control of the economy, and due to subversion of the political process by government. It also encourages industrial, commercial, market economics and expanded opportunities for broad-based capital ownership.

The Institute conducts training seminars and conferences on economics and business strategies. It also cooperates in bringing together the international business community leaders to discuss mutually beneficial business ventures.

International Politics

The Institute will focus its political and programs initially on promoting the culture and institutions necessary for representative government. The ideative framework for its work in international politics is the belief that global economic prosperity and both international and domestic security depend on support of global movement of democratic transition. This focus is designed to shift the paradigm of foreign policy analysis from the cold-war syndrome of threat analysis to a post-cold-war analysis of opportunities for constructive change.

Urban Planning

The social, economic, and political failures in any society are most manifest in the lives of marginalized people, especially in the inner cities. The American Institute of International Studies will initiate and contribute to action programs designed to address the causes of societal failure in the world’s most “modernized society,” America. Its aim is to build pilot models of successful remedies in the inner cities where past efforts have failed.

The results of the AII’s studies and programs will be made available through joint projects with traditionalist leaders in key Third World countries, who often react negatively to the problems of “modernization” but have no systematically thought-out solutions and therefore no credible agenda for constructive change.

Regional Programs

  • African Studies
  • Americas Program
  • Asian Studies
  • European Studies
  • Middle East Studies
  • Russian and Eurasian Program
Functional Programs

  • Comparitive Religion
  • Energy
  • Economic and Business
  • International Security
  • Foreign Policy
  • Crisis/Disaster Management
  • Root Causes of Terrorism and Solutions
  • Science and Technology