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Syed R. Mahmood
Founder and President

"The foremost objective of my candidacy is to promote reconciliation between communities of America.

I also strongly believe in advancing the cause of understanding, peace and tolerance among all American political and religious groups whether they are Republicans, Democrats or Independents or Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and people of other faiths.

I have faith that we can make this world more peaceful by creating harmony and respect for each other by encouraging dialogue among communities, states, and nations."
Mahmood's Creed, US Congressional Campaign, 2002

Syed Rifat Mahmood, Founder and President of AIIS, is an entrepreneur, successful small businessman, and community leader in Union City, California. For the past thirty years he has served his community, state, and nation in a variety of appointed and elected roles.

Syed Mahmood was born in India and grew up in Pakistan. His commitment to individual rights and political freedom and strong belief in the American political process and free enterprise system necessitated his immigration to the United States in 1969.

Shortly after receiving his bachelor's degree in business administration from Armstrong College, he launched his career in marketing and sales management. His areas of concentration were in the fields of telecommunications, computers, and business machines. Over the years he was able to create a thriving export market for American equipment abroad. His extensive business travel and management experience have provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of workers, employers, and government, as well as global political issues. Syed and his wife Carol, married thirty one years, have lived and worked in Union City since 1977. Their daughter Zahra is a teacher in the California public school system.

Syed is an independent-minded and experienced political activist. As the founder of The American Institute of International Studies, Syed has worked hard to motivate Americans of all backgrounds to participate in to the mainstream of American political process. Syed was the Republican candidate for California's 13th Congressional Distict in 2002.

Experience in Public Affairs (Highlights)
  • 2002 Republican nominee for California's 13th District, United States Congress
  • 2000 Republican nominee for 18th District, California State Assembly
  • Possesses experience in lobbying on local, national and international issues in the United Nations and on Capitol Hill.
  • Appointed to the Reception Committee of Pope John Paul II by the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco.
  • Active participant in the promotion of community relations through interfaith activities including seminars and conferences.
  • Organized national and international public affairs conferences in California and Washington D.C. areas to promote better understanding and harmony between American communities.
  • Continuous face-to-face meetings and communications with the diplomats and ambassadors of other countries to discuss the international political and economic issues.
  • Active participant in local civic, educational and cultural activities.